Cambridge, MA – Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (KSI) is partnering with AC Power and GreenSpark Solar on two brownfield solar sites in upstate New York that total 12.9 megawatts (MW).   


The two sites each re-purpose brownfield properties into productive clean energy-producing projects. The term brownfield refers to a site that is abandoned or otherwise unusable due to past industrial use or pollution/hazardous waste. The first project is 6.9MW in Ft. Edward, NY on a capped landfill, which is scheduled to come online at the end of 2023. The second project is a 6.0MW project in Queensbury, NY on former factory grounds that have previously undergone environmental remediation.  Construction on this site is scheduled for 2024. AC Power developed the two projects, and KSI owns and will operate both facilities. 


“These projects mark our continued commitment to the New York solar market. We now own and operate over 62MW of solar projects in New York and over 120MW total.  The positive impacts of these projects in New York include jobs, clean energy, and re-purposing otherwise unusable land. They are now sources of clean energy bill savings to towns, companies, and households,” commented John Chaimanis, Co-Founder of KSI.


“At AC Power, our goal is to re-energize communities by re-purposing disturbed sites into productive assets. Capped landfills and former industrial sites like these in Ft. Edward and Queensbury, NY are excellent places to host solar arrays. Our partnership with KSI allows these projects to be built and begin their useful lives as sources of clean, renewable, and cost-effective power,” said Annika Colston, Founder and CEO of AC Power.   


New York-based GreenSpark Solar is serving as the contractor that is constructing both sites.  “As a nearly 25 year old business it is so important to have long standing, trusted partnerships like GreenSpark has with KSI, who we have been working with for over five years in bringing clean energy to NY State,” said Kevin Schulte, GreenSpark CEO. “GreenSpark has a history of using brownfields and landfills to move the renewable energy portfolio forward in NY and having a partner like KSI with a similar mission has been refreshing as we continue to grow.”


Power from the two newly built solar sites will benefit New York towns, households, and businesses. They are part of NYSERDA’s renewable energy program.

Above are pictures from AC Power 9, LLC construction.


About Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure

Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure, LLC (“KSI”) is dedicated to building and owning sustainable, long-lived assets, including solar, water, and other infrastructure projects. We believe that changing the way people get electricity and manage water can be done more resiliently and cleanly. Doing this improves the quality of life for all of us. We believe that by empowering local companies through the provision of finance and a problem solving mindset that we can deliver these very heavily demanded solutions. The local companies that we empower will grow, their communities will grow stronger, and we can produce attractive returns to our investors. As of today, the company has completed over 60 distributed infrastructure transactions. KSI provides capital to local developers and EPC contractors during development and at project takeout with the ultimate goal of ownership. Investments range from $500k to $20M per project. For more information about collaborating on projects or our investment program, please visit https://www.kendallsustainableinfrastructure.com.


About AC Power, LLC

AC Power is a mission driven, woman-owned business specializing in transforming previously disturbed sites such as closed landfills, sand pits, quarries, and former coal mines into productive solar PV facilities. Our team recognizes the challenges and potential risks associated with developing previously disturbed sites, including legislative or regulatory hurdles, natural resource concerns, and existing environmental conditions. We pride ourselves on our ability to proactively address these concerns and mitigate risks from the outset, to successfully bring solar PV facilities to operation.



About GreenSpark Solar

GreenSpark Solar believes locally generated clean energy is a cost-effective, market-based solution to combat climate change and an important strategy to strengthen our local community. GreenSpark has been providing local, cost-effective, clean energy options throughout New York State for more than 20 years. A Certified B Corp and member-owner of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, GreenSpark has been named Rochester’s Top Workplace and #1 Fastest Growing Company. Our team of experts have installed over 200 MWs of renewable energy and received the designation of Quality Installer by NYSERDA and Top Contractor by Solar Power World.



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