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KSI is a team of investment professionals that turns plans and visions into reality. With over 50 years of combined experience, KSI brings proven expertise in building, owning and operating renewable energy and water resource projects while providing outstanding risk-adjusted returns to our investors. Contact Us img
A different Kind of Investment

Why Infrastructure

Each new energy transition or clean water project is an investment in the future. It is estimated that $45 trillion will be required to modernize and expand water, electricity, and transportation systems in the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe over the next 15 years. Investments in these assets can provide portfolio diversification with the potential for stable cash yields and attractive returns. Private infrastructure has unique benefits that include low volatility, protection from inflation, consistent growth of cash flows, and returns that are uncorrelated with other asset classes. KSI’s goal is to harness these attractive attributes to build exceptional portfolios of cash-flowing assets.



Infrastructure assets behave differently from stocks, bonds, private equity and other types of investments.  They are an essential part of a balanced investment portfolio, and one of the few places today that generate real cash yield. Infrastructure assets have long useful lives, often over thirty years.  They reliably provide a basic good or service to a community, such as power or water and their contracts for their output or benefit often last for 15 to 25 years.  Investment returns are earned over time as the asset continues to provide its goods or services. The result is consistent, reliable cash yield.  Other benefits may include tax-efficiency, preservation of capital, low operational expenses, and low technology or regulatory risk. For investors, that can mean stable cash returns and potential upside on the sale of assets.  Along with financial returns, our projects generate positive environmental, social, and economic impacts for the communities we serve.

A Big Difference

Uncorrelated Value

KSI seeks differentiated returns by building high-quality assets in under-capitalized or less efficient US infrastructure markets. We start with institutional-grade due diligence to analyze opportunities throughout North America. We research power prices, available land, natural resources such as sunlight, costs to build, and other factors that could impact returns. Our investment range is between $1 million and $20M, below that of many larger investment firms. By building portfolios of smaller, higher-value assets with careful attention to cash-flows, we are able to create significant uncorrelated value for our investors across a range of economic conditions

Our Focus

What it means for you

Since its founding in 2013, KSI has been an innovative and independent investment firm. Our investors benefit from knowing that their dollars are building the sustainable infrastructure that our future requires. We are independently managed by our founders, and highly aligned with our investors. Our goals include attractive returns, differentiated markets and optimal transaction structuring. Our projects also provide many positive impacts to the communities we serve, including jobs, energy savings and clean power. The goal at Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure is to turn plans and visions of a sustainable future into reality.


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