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With over 50 years of combined experience, KSI brings expertise
in managing renewable energy and water resource projects with
minimized construction risk and attractive cash flows.
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A different Kind of Investment

Why Infrastructure

Infrastructure as an asset class can represent a less correlated or even non-correlated return to typical public markets and real estate. Generally, these investments are involved with movement and storage of goods, people, water, and energy. It is estimated that $45 trillion will be required to modernize and expand water, electricity and transportation systems in the U.S., Canada and Western Europe over the next 15 years. These assets can provide portfolio diversification with the potential for stable cash yields. The demand for core plus private infrastructure has been particularly strong because these investments seek to offer long-term exposure to relatively stable, economically insensitive, inflation protected cash flows. These assets have the potential to generate low volatility, consistent growth of cash flows and returns that are uncorrelated with other asset classes, resulting in very attractive diversification benefits for investors.



Infrastructure assets are an important part of a balanced investment portfolio. They consist of long-lived assets that provide a basic good or service to a community, such as power, water or transportation. These assets have long useful lives and contracts or concessions in place that typically run for 15 to 25 years.

These assets produce and distribute reliable cash yield often times in a tax efficient manner, preserve capital, have low operational, technology and regulatory risk and provide years of clean energy.

As an investor these real assets provide investments with a minimised risk and stable returns for years to come. Alongside the financial returns our projects genrate environmental, social and economic impacts in a multi-faceted way.

A Big Difference

Uncorrelated Value

Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (“KSI”) invests in projects that generate regular distributions with attractive yields. Investments include energy and water projects that sell their production under long term contract to attractive counter parties, such as utilities, municipalities and large commercial entities. Traditionally, Private Equity is associated with a “J-Curve” predicated on a favorable exit resulting from expectations of company growth and market enhancement. Our approach is focused on investments into core infrastructure projects that have completed development and are already cash flowing or about to cash flow. Investments in sustainable infrastructure assets provide direct access to the core commodity of energy without the volatility associated with other methods. Furthermore, by utilizing on a non-depleting input such as light, wind or water, these projects eliminate price risk associated with purchased commodities such as fuel.

Our Focus

What it means for you

How we approach investment is very different from other firms. KSI works with limited partners for direct investments between $500K and $10M to develop renewable solar energy and water resource management projects. We specialize in minimizing the development risk for our investors and invest in creating assets that generate cash flows by creating value. Each project offers returns with a relatively stable yield by reducing the risk from different aspects of development. As these projects create value over years to come, our investors see returns consistently over a longer term through real assets.


Million Dollars Invested