MONTPELIER, August 1, 2017

Officials from the City of Montpelier met with Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (KSI), and its partners Novus Energy Development and Green Lantern for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a solar project in Montpelier today.  The project is one of a portfolio of similar KSI projects in Vermont.  The project creates power that will offset the City of Montpelier’s energy usage and reduce its energy bills.  The system is just under 700 kWDC, which is expected to generate approximately 800,000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity during its first year in service.  The City of Montpelier has estimated that it will save between $40,000 and $50,000 a year in energy costs through the program.

KSI Managing Directors Ken Lehman and John Chaimanis were on hand for the ceremony.  “Providing long-term savings with solar generated power to the City of Montpelier through Vermont’s net metering program is directly in line with our mission: building and owning sustainable infrastructure facilities that promote the transition from legacy high carbon and unsustainable facilities,” said John Chaimanis.   “This solar project is the culmination of a coordinated effort,” remarked Ken Lehman.  “It involved city officials, local developers, engineers, construction crews and many others who worked together make it a reality.  We are proud to help the City of Montpelier reach their Net Zero goals.”

The Montpelier solar project is part of the Montpelier Energy Advisory Committee’s (MEAC) “Net Zero Montpelier” program to move toward clean energy sources. “The Montpelier Energy Advisory Committee is very excited to see the results of many years of hard work to bring these solar arrays online for the City,” said Kate Stephenson, MEAC Chair. Along with Stephenson, City Manager Bill Fraser, array owners KSI, and members of MEAC met at the site to highlight the achievement.

Lou and Alex Bravakis of Novus Energy Development agreed that the project represented “a major accomplishment for the City of Montpelier and for the Vermont renewable community.”  Luke Shullenberger of Green Lantern noted that the Montpelier project was “the product of an active community of industry professionals who are helping Vermont transition to local, renewable energy sources.”

About Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure:  Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure, LLC (“KSI”) is a private real asset firm focused on sustainable infrastructure projects.  KSI’s projects serve municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, businesses and community members.  KSI is based in Cambridge, MA.

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