Successful Together

Close & Fund Projects Quickly

At Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (“KSI”) we prioritize relationships with local partners namely developers and installers to maximize throughput of your pipeline, so that you can grow your business.  Our goal is to build meaningful relationships based on respect and desire for efficiency in execution.  The biggest gains in this industry won’t be from a single asset sale, but from sequentially built portfolios joining efficient finance, expertise, and marginal transaction costs.  

We support developers and installers by providing capital and quick transaction turnarounds for PPA projects, lease projects, and other 3rd party ownership structures.  Our streamlined approach takes the uncertainty out of financing your projects.  We are comfortable participating in an array of projects that generate value from sustainable resources, and seek to repeat transactions with the same partners again and again.  

We provide experienced insights and institutional-grade support into development stage projects and processes, which in turn translates into more successful projects, fewer soft costs, and quicker close cycles.  We have many years of experience in the energy and infrastructure industry.  We want your development and installation business to be successful.

Our Values

At KSI we value people.  One off transactions don’t create longterm value, relationships where partners understand each other’s needs do.  Honesty, Respect, Integrity.  We believe in quality and in making our partners look good.  We want to make the world better through sustainable business practices.  

We strive to write stories of success – where jobs are created and when communities benefit from our collective efforts.

Typical landowners are small farmers or individuals owning between 10-40 acres of land. On average, landowners receive $10,000/year ($300,000 over the lifetime of the asset), which supports the local economy and provides a hedge against price fluctuations faced by farmers and economic uncertainty faced by rural business owners.

“Hosting a solar project on our dairy farm has made an important financial difference for us. It continues a long tradition of doing all we can with our land for the benefit of our family, our business and our community.  We not only host the array; we also use the power.”

–  Mark Magnan, fourth generation dairy farmer

KSI I’s projects supply power to various municipal, university, school, and hospital (MUSH) off-takers, providing, on average, cost savings of $15,000 to $25,000. Reducing these costs lessens burdens on state budgets and frees up dollars for other projects and initiatives.

“These are real dollars for these communities. The school district is saving an average teacher salary by participating in their net metering agreements. The Town is saving as much as we spend on maintenance for our library.”

– Jeff Forward, Facilities Coordinator for Chittenden East School District and Richmond Town Energy Coordinator   

KSI’s projects will cumulatively generate 17 years of gainful employment for local residents.1 Furthermore, data from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Job and Economic Development (JEDI) model reveals the average hourly wage of those in Vermont’s solar PV industry ($20.12)2 exceeds the median wage for all Vermont employees ($18.23).3 Projects like those in KSI I’s portfolio provide stable, high quality employment for local citizens.

KSI I’s projects supply power to various municipal, university, school, and hospital (MUSH) off-takers, providing, on average, cost savings of $15,000 to $25,000. Reducing these costs lessens burdens on state budgets and frees up dollars for other projects and initiatives.

What our Partners Say About Us

“[We] have been very pleased to work with Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure. Their pricing for our projects was fair, they paid on time, and their due diligence requirements were at market. They worked to understand our local regulatory environment, and have made significant contributions to net metering standards in our state. They are a collaborative partner who have been helpful solving real time project development challenges with us, and closing projects together has been a low friction pro forma exercise.”

“KSI has been great! They have been a truly aligned partner to our business over our last five years of working together. We all get to choose who we do business with and we take that decision very seriously. Kendall shares our desire to use business as a force for good and they are a valued partner. They have always funded on-time with no surprises. Their thoughtful approach and flexibility has increased the number of projects we’ve completed and made them easier to do. They have an in-depth understanding of the distributed solar sector and power markets more broadly. Their straight-dealing has reduced friction in our transactions and saved us money. We genuinely feel that the KSI team is committed to our growth, our bottom line, and our overall success.”

Typical Parameters

Distributed Projects

Project sizes between 300kW – 10MW;
occasionally we look at larger projects as well. PPA offtakers include Utility, MUSH, C&I, and Community Solar.

Investment Size

Between  $500K – $15M, located primarily in the US.

Time of Investments

We work with developers throughout the development cycle and value partners who we can collaborate with.  Investments can be made to support development, and also as clean take out at notice to proceed.


Commercially viable sustainable technologies with proven operational histories:  Solar, Wind, Hydro, Desalination, Waste Water Treatment, Energy Efficiency.