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Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure (KSI) is an innovative asset management firm that creates value though investments in energy, water, and other sustainable real assets.  Our approach emphasizes attractive financial transactions for all parties, while remaining environmentally sustainable. We are thought leaders, fundamental investors, and we positively impact the world with every dollar we invest.  Our success derives from a true alignment between our interests and those of our project development partners.

KSI is focused on providing take out and construction financing to build renewable energy and other infrastructure projects with the ultimate goal of asset ownership.  We are development enablers and provide a seamless and reliable channel to transition project pipelines into operating assets.  We have the ability and desire to provide development support.  A partnership with KSI truly goes beyond capital.

We focus on small to medium-sized distributed assets with typical capital requirements that range between $0.5M and $10M per project.  As of today, the company has completed over 60 project closings. 


The Macroeconomic Opportunity
of Our Time

Globally, resource consumption is at an all-time peak, and simultaneously traditional methods of producing and supplying water and energy are recognized as costing more and being less efficient than today’s modern options.  The increased demand for energy and retirement of older generation assets forms the base opportunity for solar, wind, and hydro power to fill the gap, while producing electricity without the need to purchase a commodity input.  The cost of solar and wind in recent years has decreased substantially; they now serve in many cases as a cheaper alternative to fossil generation.  Aside from the environmental benefits, businesses and investors recognize that transitioning to cleaner, distributed resources can save them money.  With renewable penetration levels in the US today at around 8% of the generation mix, and strong tailwinds of cost competitiveness, the opportunity to develop, build and operate these commercially viable systems is tremendous.  

Renewable-based energy systems present a unique and global opportunity to fuel economic growth, increase employment, and enhance human welfare.  Increased standards of living, a growing population, and increased global consumption translate into an energy demand forecasted to rise by 21% by 2030.  According to the International Energy Agency, doubling the share of renewables by 2030 will cause “an increase in GDP up to 1.1%, will improve global welfare by 3.7%, and accrue 24 million people working in the renewable energy sector.” The economic opportunity of renewable energy generation is immense and holds incredible potential, with solar PV generating twice the number of jobs per unit of generation compared to the fossil fuel industry (IEA). 

Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure is working alongside developers, engineers, investors and other partners to seize the opportunity at hand to proliferate the use of renewable energy and produce outstanding risk adjusted returns to our clients.



Infrastructure assets are an important part of a balanced investment portfolio. They consist of long-lived assets that provide a basic good or service to a community, such as power, water or transportation. These assets have long useful lives and contracts or concessions in place that typically run for 15 to 25 years.

These assets produce and distribute reliable cash yield often times in a tax efficient manner, preserve capital, have low operational, technology and regulatory risk and provide years of clean energy.


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